Next round: Interior work

Finally, a place for all the tanks was found. All three water tanks and the black water tank are linked and connected. The plumbing for the sink, toilet and washing machine has also been installed, so the bathroom is slowly taking shape.

The diesel tanks are connected by copper piping and have sight glasses for level indication (there are digital level indicators for the water and black water tanks). Each of the two diesel tanks can be filled via a deck filler neck.

All tank vents (water, black water and diesel) are installed in the wall of the deck saloon.

Moreover, a hot water boiler (isotemp, 75 l) has already been installed, which can later provide us with hot water via the electric heating cartridge, but is also connected to the cooling water system of the main engine and to the ship's heating.

The heating system - we have chosen a Post 15 kW - is also in place and will be installed soon, as we want to have a nice and warm Christmas on board.

Last but not least the engine room has got a floor. This makes the rear part of the ship safe to walk on.