BJØRNSUND, the sail maker’s ship


BJØRNSUND was launched in Denmark in 1929 and is going to be a mobile outpost of the sailmaker „Tuchwerkstatt“ from Greifswald. As such, the ship will be a sailing ambassador of the traditional sail-making craft.

We would like to create a platform and meeting place that opens the eyes for traditional sails and how they are made. We will also offer advice and service in all that the „Tuchwerkstatt“ has to offer, as well as repairs on short notice on board. Changing crews on board will have the opportunity to learn the ropes of seamanship as it has been practised for centuries, either on delivery trips to maritime events or during visits in European museum harbours and partner towns. 

This is a way to trade historical skills and experiences across cultural and national borders and to network and maintain traditional maritime crafts. This knowledge will be passed on in practice during workshops or training programmes. 

The museum harbour of Greifswald is BJØRNSUND’s current home port.


Cultural interchange & Sailmaker

  • Participation as "ambassador" of the city of Greifswald and the Greifswalder Museumshafen e.V. at supra-regional exhibitions and events (Germany, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands)
  • Visiting museum harbours and partner communities at home and abroad 
  • Preserving tradition; sailing and seamanship on board, passing o traditional seamanship etc.
  • Repairs of sails and canvas on board (sailing sailmaker’s workshop) 
  • Advice and support of new orders; measuring sails on board 
  • Design of traditional sails based on historical drawings 
  • Teaching of traditional crafts in workshops and through regular training