Christmas | BJØRNSUND says thank you for 2023

BJØRNSUND - an ode to oak, salt air and the past year

Thanks to you all ...Craftsmen, string pullers, ship experts, frame masseurs, paint applicators and ironsmiths.

A lot has been achieved again and at 94 years I feel better than ever.

The Museum Shipyard - Fountain of Youth - is good for me.

For a few days now, my winter cocoon has been protecting me again and keeping the harshness of the wet, cold northern weather away from my deck.

My new mast lies next to me on the pier.

I can feel the strength it will give my planks.

I'm looking forward to spring.

More happy color on my hull.

My insides will have transformed into a comfortable place to work and be together.

Cheers for a woodworm-free 2024.

Fair winds at all times

Your hai-cutter bride